Porn and Logistics

Check out Circlet for advice on writing sex scenes, especially when they involve same-sex partners or inhuman genitalia. 😀

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I just submitted my first post on Patreon, and I plan on providing regular updates both there and here. I post the first part of Adrian’s Diary today. It will be updated regularly, and at the end, it will be cleaned up, edited, and published. Further information will be posted later.

Horror, fantasy, and sci-fi LGBT+ stories are my favorites, and I hope to be able to add to their published numbers this year.

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Adrian’s Diary #1

There were no sirens. Everything happened quietly, quickly. Bloodlessly. Not at all like Paul expected.

His fingers itched for a cigarette as he leaned against his car and just watched. A dozen police cars surrounded the wood, one-story house. It was so unremarkable that at first Paul feared that they went to the wrong address, that the snipers on the roofs were pointing their weapons at an innocent family enjoying dinner.

Now he watched them pull Adrian out, cuffed and silent. Paul didn’t budge from his car as they led him to a van. No simple police car waited for Adrian, or whatever his name was. Too risky. Too many names followed him, too many possibilities of bodies not yet found. They could dedicate a graveyard to Adrian alone.

All considering, Paul expected the pretty little yard, complete with a white, albeit aging and neglected, picket fence to be soaked in blood by now. Instead, the operation took a handful of minutes.

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Fiction: Back Alley Darlin’

Christopher Swank couldn’t figure out if the stranger had just stepped out of a noir movie or if he had lived in this bar his whole life and Chris had miraculously been missing him. Regardless, with his charming grin and smoky eyes, he looked interesting and Chris was bored, so he found himself wandering to the man’s table.

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Fiction: Little Deaths

The blond liked to watch.

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Fiction: The Prince and the Mad King

He waited until the sheep, adorned in their costumes and jewels and too-loud shoes, trotted out of the room before slipping free from the shadows. The mad king watched him approach, grinning teeth yellow in the candlelight.

“You should chop off their heads and volley them at the enemy. More weapons and less chattering.”

The mad king laughed, the sound booming through the war room and echoing down the halls. His counselors heard and shivered. If they hurried their steps, naught but each other would notice, and none would comment.

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Halloween Short Fiction: Breathplay

Josh Lyle read somewhere that the true lesson from Hamlet was avoid family reunions and just stay at college, partying with one’s friends. He shared that with his English professor who, after some consideration, agreed that it was a valid belief. Avoid family and family drama, everyone lives. Go home, become enmeshed in family drama, rocks fall, everyone dies.

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Short Fiction In No Way Connected to Duggar or His Ilk

“But isn’t this against your word, my Lord?” Fundie gasped, resting a hand on his brea—manly chest. “The New Testament clearly states –”

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War on Drugs

Few things are as useless, ignorant, and wasteful as the United States’ War on Drugs. At the same time, the War on Drugs is remarkably effective, provided you have the right color collar and the right color skin. Few people know a damned thing about drugs, but they can swear up and down that drugs are bad as they take another gulp of their cheap beer. They’ll warn you not to go to those neighborhoods (all suspiciously predominantly black) because you’ll be attacked by crackheads. Ooooh, scary.

It’s stunning how the numbers add up: African Americans comprise only about 14% of known drug users, and yet the percentage is more than doubled – 37% — for those actually arrested for drug use. It is likely at any point in time that someone can look at people in jail who have been arrested on drug charges and find that two out of three are non-white. I suppose it only makes sense, as the War on Drugs was founded on racist origins, anyway, and despite evidence of Caucasian and African Americans using approximately the same amount of marijuana, African Americans are four times more likely to be arrested for being caught with it. There have been various news reports noting that, in order for a white male to be charged in the same manner as a black male, he would have to be convicted of a violent crime to face the same sentencing as the black male caught with marijuana.

Of course, I am sure that it’s a coincidence that a great deal of nasty stereotypes associated with drug users are the same stereotypes associated with non-white people. Deviant, at the edges of society, high school drop outs, criminals, thieves, self-indulgent, dirty, etc. etc. etc. They should be treated like criminals, thrown in prison one way with the key thrown another way. There is a large divide of Us vs. Them with the drug users safely on the other side, a social divide of historical proportions standing tall and proud in the middle. Even if no one can remember D.A.R.E. from middle school, they remember enough to feel superior, haughty, as only the truly ignorant can. They brag about how they would never defile themselves as they take another hit off their cigarette or another drink of their beer and use the famous “I can quit at any time, I don’t have a problem” line. These drugs are safe. These drugs are white. These drugs are as harmless as the coffee in the morning and the Valium at night. These are socially accepted and are thus proper for use.

While I write this, I drink my coffee and consider my wine in the fridge. The coffee is almost done and the wine will be gathered soon. Both are socially acceptable, so I can drink these in public. I can invite people over and offer them a drink and I will be viewed as a good hostess. Look at me! Don’t I have a proper home? Aren’t I a good girl?

Should we ignore that alcohol has a greater ability to destroy more lives than marijuana ever will, if the legal system wasn’t involved? But they tried banning alcohol and it failed. If anything, alcohol flourished. It became a glorious, glamorous market. Alcohol thrived and secret rooms were built that still exist to this day and everyone had a good laugh and can you believe what they tried to do?

In the same time period as banning alcohol became a joke, other drugs were either already banned or were in the process of being banned. Marijuana was associated with Mexican immigrants. Opium is connected with the Yellow Peril, or anti-Chinese sentiments. Don’t worry, though: if you are a Caucasian heroin user, you will get the support you need to get clean.

Many of these drugs have possible medicinal effects, with many states legalizing it for that purpose. Many drug users are actually successful people with a taste for the good life. It doesn’t help that the beginner education on drugs is often childish, based on stereotypes and minimal factual information. It focuses so much on making drugs a vague, threatening entity that it ignores an understanding of the child’s life, the real drug culture, and why people go to drugs in the first place. Universities, supposedly given the responsibility of providing real information, are also terrible for providing real facts about drugs instead of paranoia. False drug information is readily and often provided by trusted sources. Parents are so paranoid about drug use that they fail to note when their child’s mood swings and other issues can be caused by alternative sources. Why do so when drugs are so easy to blame? The only thing anyone can agree on is that the War on Drugs is failing. I hate to tell everyone this, but it was doomed from the start.

Little actual evidence is given on drugs. Most drugs were made illegal for nothing more than racist intentions and minorities continued to be arrested far more than their Caucasian counterparts for drug use. The actual facts about drugs are often laughably false and built not on real information but fear and stereotypes. I suppose it’s easier to keep going, continue this expensive War on Drugs, and have a legal reason to arrest minorities than actually look over current laws and one’s history and realize just how much we fucked up.

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There is something almost masturbatory in the level of self-indulgence display when people trash one another. If the target of that hate is a woman, the level extends to actual ecstasy, a full rant on the woman’s sins while singing praises for themselves and their families because they would never sink to such a level. When it comes to women, the targets are numerous: her clothes, the number of men she’s fucked (alleged or otherwise), if her sex life ever involved non-cis-men or any level of kink, her make-up (or lack thereof), if she was single, if she had children, it goes on and on.

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